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McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Mon Jan 10 12:13:54 EST 2000

> >	Melissa admitted:
> >
> >	"I was arrogant in the sense that I was hopelessly stuck up about
> being so 
> >much smarter than my teachers.
Gili replied:
	"I think one of the things I really like about this list is the
feeling I 
> don't have to limit myself in being smart so as not to put off other
> people. 
> I have always over-participated in classes, I just can't help myself, but 
> people tend to interpret this as showing off. For once I feel that the 
> people on this list are really my peers..."
	Hear hear!  It always seemed so frustrating when things get bogged
down by people mocking each other's brains or lack of them.  I always
thought that debate was really coming from emotional issues and etc.
because it is not at all clear who is what, since even if one is not doing
so well today, you really can't make assumption about their tomorrows and
what they will accomplish with them. (I'm just reading a Churchill bio and
apparently he was constantly at the bottom of his class in school.  Einstein
too was mediocre).  

	Anyway, since things would so rarely really get past that point into
the really fun and interesting part of actually thinking and talking about
things, I was always feeling frustrated about foreshortened and aborted
conversations.   And it was really offensive to be seen as a show-off or
wanting the grade etc. when what I really wanted was for the inquiry before
us, whatever it was, to Move Along - 'cause it's so exciting in itself -
well, who cares who is the "smartest?" Anyway, so I think  ;)

	I dunno, this conversation is really making me rethink about
teaching in some capacity.

Gili, your ESL teacher - what a horror story!

	"However, it seemed to me that the 
> journalist who mentioned her book had no idea who she was, but was merely 
> quoting out of someone else's review."

	"and that almost all children's classics are either British or
American, because childhood in English speaking countries is so much sweeter
than in other countries."

	Stop!  The horror! The horror!


	:D  lol! I wish I could think of something comforting to say here ;)
Irina already said it anyway!

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