Homeschooling (was: Thomas Hardy)

Fen Eatough podkayne at
Mon Jan 10 01:39:25 EST 2000

Melissa wrote:

> There are SO many days when I think "if I sent all the kids to school,
> eventually I'd have the house to myself!"

Or you could just move back to Washington state and join a co-op <grin>.
They're very popular here and while you'd still be teaching your kids (as
well as those of a few other families), you wouldn't be doing it full time
and the kids get a chance to work with other adults as well as a bit of
socializing with other children.

Irina -- one thing you might want to try if you have the time is what my mom
did... she taught me at home after school, essentially supplementing my
education with what she thought I should be learning.  We spent an afternoon
or two a week at the local library and if I had questions about stuff she'd
take me on "field trips" (including a trip to chat with the dentist when I
had some questions about teeth that she couldn't answer).


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