About names, again...

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at cc.helsinki.fi
Sun Jan 9 09:32:17 EST 2000

I know there was a lengthy conversation about names and the meanings and
the history of them a couple of months ago (late summer/early autumn) on
this list, but I would like to raise the subject again.
Earlier there was a lot of praise for the choice of personal names, many
of which seem to have historical/ethymological/mythological backgrounds. 
But has any of you ever been - even slightly - irritated or bothered by
any particular name in any of DWJ's books?
There is one that bothered me when reading Deep Secret - Odile, the
supposedly Finnish receptionist in the hotel Babel. Odile is, definitely,
the sort of name that no Finn - whether male or female - would ever
Correct me, if I have misinterpreted the things said in the book, so that
I could enjoy the book more when rereading it again...


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