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On Sat, 8 Jan 2000 15:57:50 +0100 (CET), Britta Koch wrote:

>And then there's magic in language: Shakespeare, Tolkien, even the
>Anglican church marriage vow - pure poetry and poesy [2]. I can't seem
>to find that so much in German - but then English really is a rich
>language (and I'm not nearly as well read in German as I am in English

The interesting thing I find in German is that there are more root words
with modifiers where the English uses an entirely new word.  My favorite
example is 'stehen'  Check this out:

Stehen:  to stand
Verstehen: to understand (note that english also has 'stand' in there)
Aufstehen:  to waken
Auferstehen: to resurrect

You can use these roots to imply things about the actual words in
interesting ways by combining things that aren't necessarily there.  That's
a layer that is harder in English with our many connotative words.

>[1] not "buy books from amazon" anymore - because of their stupid
>patent pending on the "One-Click-Order"- I think software patents are

Ah.  You read Slashdot . . .

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