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Sat Jan 8 15:56:35 EST 2000

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000 20:13:33 +0100 (CET), Irina Rempt wrote:

>Melissa wrote:
>> >"Do you even have the remotest question about why I'm
>> > homeschooling my children?"

>I wish I could (the Dutch school system is getting worse every year),
>but it's not permitted in this country. 

I am sorry about that.  Here in the US the laws are different from state to
state, so that even though it is legal in the entire country, there are some
places that make it VERY hard for parents to choose this option (and far too
many parents are complicit in this; in their efforts to look like they're
reasonable people, they do more than the law requires and make it that much
easier for new regulations to be passed).  Washington State is about the
best in the nation (i.e. has very few governing regulations) and Utah, where
we live now, isn't too bad--their laws sound really strict, but what it
boils down to is "have a college degree or appropriate teaching experience"
and "write a letter of official notification to the school board."

>I have smart kids too (one
>is just ordinarily smart and the other two are quite extraordinarily
>smart) and they're getting swamped by the system, because you have to
>do things in well-defined blocks. The eldest is being pushed ahead
>(in fact pushing herself ahead against the stream) but the blocks are
>still the wrong shape, even if they're roughly the right size.

There are so many kids who would benefit, I know.  The truth is I originally
made this decision because I really wanted to do it, not because I thought
the school system was bad--and it isn't, in general, it's just certain
individuals--but it's occurred to me since then that my oldest daughter, who
is extremely shy of adults, could potentially be labeled for this behavior.
I really don't want to see that happen.

>On the other hand, I've had them at home for two weeks and I'm glad
>they're going back to school on Monday! :-)

There are SO many days when I think "if I sent all the kids to school,
eventually I'd have the house to myself!"

Melissa Proffitt
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