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First, thank you all for your translations of the Lattenzaun...
wonderful! Chritian Morgenstern also wrote a poem called "das grosse
LaLuLa", and because it was next to "The Jabberwock" in one of my
textbooks, I always think of Lewis Carroll when I think of

And thanks for the book suggestions - "A Sudden Wild Magic" and "Deep
Secrets" are on my "to order on the 'net" list [1].

Anyway... I seem to have a thing with language. Anyone here read H. P.
Lovecraft's earlier stories ("The Dream-Quest of Unknow Kadath", "The
Silver Key" etc.) ? I already think the titles are great, but the
stories... the language is so rich and beautiful, colorful,
humongous... it's just amazing how that man could describe landscapes
and sculpt words to describe the land of dreams. If you've never read
them, it's hard to describe - I just get glassy eyes when I think of

And then there's magic in language: Shakespeare, Tolkien, even the
Anglican church marriage vow - pure poetry and poesy [2]. I can't seem
to find that so much in German - but then English really is a rich
language (and I'm not nearly as well read in German as I am in English
;) I find that in C.S. Lewis, too, even though I don't go in for the
Christian images any more - it's still sometimes amazing how he does it!

Just wanted to share - because so few people understand (presupposing
you will - the linguist always has the final word ;)


[1] not "buy books from amazon" anymore - because of their stupid
patent pending on the "One-Click-Order"- I think software patents are

[2] what exactly is the difference?

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