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Fri Jan 7 21:40:32 EST 2000

> this kind of behavior?  Not to mention that if Grades Are

Just as a matter of argument <g> has anyone considered that maybe cheating
in a test might be *sensible* for some people? It might be the bright thing
to do - to get what you need to go on to what you want to do.

Here's a cautionary tale...

My friend Dianne was OK in high school, but failed her HSC (that is Years 5
and 6 of Senior Secondary). 
She was 17 and went straight into nursing after failing the exams.
She was in the *last* intake where this was possible. After her year,
nursing was closed to everyone who had not done and passed HSC. So, a few
months later and she would have been unable to take the course at all.

Result? Dianne is now a triple certificate Sister, a midwife and a Bachelor
of Nursing. She is also a very good practical nurse.

Looks as if the ability to pass HSC exams has absolutely nothing to do with
later progress - in her case, anyway! 

I can quite see that cheating to get into college would be a problem if you
hadn't the brains to start with, but there are jobs by the hundred that
call for exam results in subjects you will never need in the work. 

I don't advocate cheating, but I can see why some people might. Especially
if they see cheats taking *their* dream jobs from under their noses!

Sallyo - ducking.
P.S. In my job you can't cheat, but neither do you need any (paper)

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