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Fri Jan 7 12:09:21 EST 2000

	"Let's see.  I've read _Pride and Prejudice_ about, um, well at
least fifteen
> times in the last ten years, and I can't remember that distance.  My reply
> is:  if you're reading just for nitpicky facts, you probably didn't read
> the
> book at all."
	Just one more thing on this - the star student of our class cribbed
everything from Cliff Notes and bragged to the rest of us that she never
read any of the books.  She also said she quoted passages from the Notes
verbatim in her papers - and was never caught.  For other classes she used
her older brother's notes and old tests (our teachers recycled tests from
year to year) - this worked out well because he was the best in his class.
I can't express how cynical I felt about school because of this sort of
thing.  We had to listen to teachers praising that girl constantly - but the
code of silence was a lot stronger than the code of honor.  Probably they
wouldn't have believed a whistle blower anyway.  Yuk.

	On the upside, I appreciated college about a million times more.  I
used to have nightmares that people from high school would capture me and
drag me back.

	I saw this woman again at my reunion and felt that, in the end, it
did her no good to have pursued working the system. I gathered she didn't
seem to feel she had abilities that could stand on their own merit.  She
hadn't seemed to have ever proven herself to herself.  I wanted to do a TOTG
and tell the teenage me that people really do have to reap what they sow and
learn from their mistakes - it wasn't as messed up and unjust as it appeared
to me at the time.  Or it was, but it wasn't without cost or so very clever
after all.  

	"Do you even have the remotest question about why I'm homeschooling
> children?"
	Good call, I say!  Definitely smaller classrooms and more teacher
attention  ;)


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