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Elise, quoting Rowena:

>    "It's obviously aimed at a very young audience, but how good
>> is it? I mean is it 'desert island' DWJ (Makes me sound
>> like a heretic!)"
>    say, that's a good idea - desert island dwj.  What do you think -
> you must be stranded on a desert island and you may only take....3(?) dwjs
> along.  Which ones do you take?  What's the hardest limit number - two?
> four?

All numbers below about 20 are difficult!

My two favourites are Power of Three and Sudden Wild Magic (not too popular on
this list for some reason) but I don't know if I'd take both of them for only
three books.

If I had to choose three for a desert island, probably:

Power of Three
Deep Secret

Cut it down to two, I'd drop Hexwood.

For four, I'd add either SWM or Dark Lord.

Or perhaps I'd take Year of the Griffin, since I've read it the least often.
Like, never :-) (Thankyou whoever posted that title.  Bookshop tomorrow

Working from the other end, the DWJs I'm least likely to choose for a desert

Time of the Ghost; Angus Flint; Crown of Dalemark; Chair Person; Four Grannies.

Also not very likely:

Drowned Ammet; Fire and Hemlock; Witch Week.

To return to Rowena's question, Puss in Boots is not really a desert island
book.  She has followed the traditional story too closely to produce a
masterwork (rather like the translation problem we were discussing earlier).
However, she has done very well.  She has definitely put her own stamp on the
story.  And that cat...


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