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Fri Jan 7 10:49:10 EST 2000

	Irina wrote:

	"Let's make it:
> Fire and Hemlock
> Deep Secret
>   (or either of those and pick two from the next bunch)
> A blindfolded choice between: Howl's Moving Castle
>                               Castle in the Air
>                               The Spellcoats
>                               Cart and Cwidder
>                               Power of Three (first one I read)
>                               The Homeward Bounders
> Another blindfolded choice between: The Lives of Christopher Chant
>                                     Charmed Life
>                                     The Magicians of Caprona 
>                                       (first one I'll read to my kids)
>                                     A Tale of Time City
>                                     The Time of the Ghost"
	Ahh, but what will you do if you take off the blindfold and see
which one you picked - and then look at the ones you didn't pick?  Aiiee!

	It's tricky because I cycle through. Right now I have no desire to
read Howl's Moving Castle, because I've read it a lot and more recently.
But who can say if that wouldn't be the one I missed the most later?

	But, let's see.  I think I would want:

	Drowned Ammet
	Charmed Life

	I think 3 is the hardest for me.  Could I pick between Homeward
Bounders and Dogsbody?  What about Power of Three?  And oh - The Ogre
Downstairs - I love the believable rapprochement and the toffee and the
swimming through the air.  Could I really do without that forever?  And what
about when Christopher empties his pockets of silver - could I bring myself
to choose that over the battle of the Montanas and the Petrocchis?  I would
take Spellcoats before Cart and Cwidder...or would I?

	It's impossible.  We will all have to be stranded on the same island
so we can all bring some.  Or maybe we should hijack dwj first so she can
tell us stories on the island  ;)

	You know, completely unrelated but - I always felt like I wanted to
know more at the end of Spellcoats.  I particularly would like to know more
about Robin.  Even as I write this I'm thinking actually maybe not.  It's a
weird thing, like a mirage, but when I read Spellcoats I always feel like
there is more story there.  But when I think about it and try to figure it
out, it disappears and there doesn't seem to be more to say about that time,
at least.

	Gotta go work

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