Thomas Hardy (was: Re: survey results, part 1)

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Thu Jan 6 14:39:05 EST 2000

Melissa said:

> I wrote to her when I graduated from high school, just before I went off
> to
> college.  She was retired by then and sent a nice note back to me.

	"It was just--I got to that point, and I had just spent four years
going through the
> Texas educational system and had won all these honors and things, and all
> my
> teachers were taking credit for teaching me--but the truth was I learned
> just about everything I needed to know about reading from Mrs. Simone."
	Good for you for not being confused about who deserved credit for
what!  It was a major peeve with me with some teachers, and professors too,
to see them step up to claim responsibility for the success of certain
students and distance themselves from the failures of others.  I had a great
prof in college who really knew what she was doing - really the most
unlikely person in our critical theory seminar surprised everyone and wrote
an awesome paper. She had him read it. We had a long discussion about it.
He was complimented all around and the credit for the success was all his.
But she attended to all those aspects of teaching.  She put a lot of
integrity into it.  I saw others act very differently.  But it was all very
educational ;)  


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