Teachers and books, was: Re: Thomas Hardy

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Thu Jan 6 14:27:06 EST 2000

	Melissa admitted:

	"I was arrogant in the sense that I was hopelessly stuck up about
being so
> much smarter than my teachers.  Treating my teachers as more or less
> equals
> wasn't a problem; it was looking down on the stupid ones."
	Wow, I always have admired this in classmates.  My boyfriend was
that way - one of his favorite pastimes in any class was to make sure he
knew more than the teacher and then, well, generally give the teachers a
hard time and keep them on their toes. He was extremely motivated lol! What
a nightmare for the poor teachers!  But I enjoy hearing about it because
it's a very refreshing attitude to me, and I have to laugh because I bet a
lot of learning happened all around - whereas my memories are of stultifying
boredom and huge efforts to try to pay attention.  It would never have
occurred to me to challenge authority like that! What a misspent youth.
Anyway, he has since taught so justice has been done there ;)

	"I was not very nice to her.  So mainly I feel
> guilty for being rude in general...I do wonder if I missed learning
> anything
> from her because of my attitude.  Probably not.  :)"
	Nah, the Forces of Mind Numbing are very strong in those years - you
had to defend yourself!  If one can survive the not-so-good teachers and
appreciate the good and great teachers, then that sounds like success to me.

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