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Irina Rempt ira at rempt.xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 6 13:25:21 EST 2000

On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, McMullin, Elise wrote:

> 	say, that's a good idea - desert island dwj.  What do you think -
> you must be stranded on a desert island and you may only take....3(?) dwjs
> along.  Which ones do you take?  What's the hardest limit number - two?
> four?  

One would be hardest for me - I wouldn't be able to decide between
_Deep Secret_ and _Fire and Hemlock_. Those two, then, if two. Three
becomes hard again: _Howl's Moving Castle_ or _Castle in the Air_?
This choice isn't automatically resolved when I'm allowed four,
because then the Dalemark books come into view, and the Chrestomanci
books... Elise, you're torturing me!

Let's make it:

Fire and Hemlock
Deep Secret
  (or either of those and pick two from the next bunch)
A blindfolded choice between: Howl's Moving Castle
                              Castle in the Air
                              The Spellcoats
                              Cart and Cwidder
                              Power of Three (first one I read)
                              The Homeward Bounders
Another blindfolded choice between: The Lives of Christopher Chant
                                    Charmed Life
                                    The Magicians of Caprona 
                                      (first one I'll read to my kids)
                                    A Tale of Time City
                                    The Time of the Ghost


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