Dark Lord in paperback/Various musings

R.K.Macrae-Gibson R.K.Macrae-Gibson at exeter.ac.uk
Thu Jan 6 11:17:10 EST 2000

> > However DWJ is my favourite author. I'm still trying to
> > track down a copy of Puss in Boots. Has anyone actually
> > seen this in a bookshop? Buying on the internet is all very
> > well, but it's not as fun as browsing in bookshops.
> Gosh, no.  I looked up the ISBN on Amazon and walked down to my local bookshop
> to order it.
> (Bookshop is run by a friend.  She:  "Who's it for?"  Me:  "To complete my
> collection of DWJ, of course!"  When I collected the book, she won that
> exchange, by remarking "let me know if you have difficulty with any of the long
> words")
Yes I know I could order it, it just feels a bit silly when 
it only costs a quid. Though I suppose I could order an 
extra copy for my 3 year old nephew (he loves books, 
hurrah). I might as well try and catch a new fan ;-).
It's obviously aimed at a very young audience, but how good 
is it? I mean is it 'desert island' DWJ (Makes me sound 
like a heretic!)
Rowena Macrae-Gibson

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