Dark Lord in paperback/Various musings

R.K.Macrae-Gibson R.K.Macrae-Gibson at exeter.ac.uk
Thu Jan 6 09:28:54 EST 2000

I've just bought a copy of the Dark Lord of Derkholm in the 
new UK paperback edition (ISBN 1857989368 £6.99) so I at 
last have my own copy! Hurrah!
Just to return to the covers discussion of some weeks ago, 
I'm afraid to say that this imprint has the most terrible 
SF-trash style cover (IMO), the sort of thing that one 
would try & cover up whilst reading on the train! With 3 
pictures of the supposed Dark Lord on the cover. Maybe it's 
designed to appeal to those readers who will only buy 
mega-multi volume SF series type books. (That's the feeling 
I got when I saw the covers for the 'Dalemark Quartet' 
books, but then I have a hard time thinking of them as a 
'quartet', I mean they were never described as the 
'Dalemark Trilogy' when I read & reread them as a child, 
but I digress).
Sorry if this sounds dismissive, maybe it's because I don't 
really read all that much SF/Fantasy; I prefer 'Golden Age' 
detective fiction eg Allingham, Sayers, Crispin, 
Dickson-Carr et al.
However DWJ is my favourite author. I'm still trying to 
track down a copy of Puss in Boots. Has anyone actually 
seen this in a bookshop? Buying on the internet is all very 
well, but it's not as fun as browsing in bookshops. 

I'm now looking forward to rereading Dark Lord. Don't you 
just love the sarcastic geese?

Rowena Macrae-Gibson

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