Forgotten title... help please!

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Jan 6 04:36:39 EST 2000

That's _The Power of Three_ (which I thought might be the only DWJ which
could be called The Secret of the Ring).


>I said that the first book I read by DWJ was called "The secret of the
>ring" - well, there is no such book, and I haven't found one on the
>website that resembles the book I remember.
>I would be very happy if anyone knows who wrote the book and what it is
>called, as I'd like to read it again...
>Here's a short description:
>The boy G-something (Ged?) and his sister A-something (Ana?) live in
>the swamps. They are the children of a king/chieftain/whatever, they
>were bands of gold round their necks. Because of a disaster, other
>families come to stay, their children taunting the weak Ged (who
>appears to have magical abilities, but no one finds out till later).
>Somehow they meet giants (actually humans), who also live near the swamp
>- B-something (Bridget?) and her brother Gerald (?). Somehow they all
>meet up, meet a third race living underwater _in_ the swamp and
>Bridget's father/uncle/whatever promises to pump the water from places
>so that every one is served.
>There's also something about sheep, weaving, and something about
>meeting other races after drinking at a wedding...
>(It's funny how I can only clearly remember the first letter of
>names... maybe because it's capital...)
>If anyone knows the book, I'd be happy to know the title!
>Thanks in advance,
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