Forgotten title... help please!

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Thu Jan 6 07:38:10 EST 2000


I said that the first book I read by DWJ was called "The secret of the
ring" - well, there is no such book, and I haven't found one on the
website that resembles the book I remember.

I would be very happy if anyone knows who wrote the book and what it is
called, as I'd like to read it again...

Here's a short description:

The boy G-something (Ged?) and his sister A-something (Ana?) live in
the swamps. They are the children of a king/chieftain/whatever, they
were bands of gold round their necks. Because of a disaster, other
families come to stay, their children taunting the weak Ged (who
appears to have magical abilities, but no one finds out till later).
Somehow they meet giants (actually humans), who also live near the swamp
- B-something (Bridget?) and her brother Gerald (?). Somehow they all
meet up, meet a third race living underwater _in_ the swamp and
Bridget's father/uncle/whatever promises to pump the water from places
so that every one is served.

There's also something about sheep, weaving, and something about
meeting other races after drinking at a wedding...

(It's funny how I can only clearly remember the first letter of
names... maybe because it's capital...)

If anyone knows the book, I'd be happy to know the title!

Thanks in advance,

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