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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Wed Jan 5 23:09:07 EST 2000

On Wed, 05 Jan 2000 14:02:29 +0100, Britta Koch wrote:

>In my English course, we only read one book, and loads of excerpts. The good 
>thing about this was that I would read the whole book if I liked the excerpt, the bad thing was
>that I never got to discuss the books with anyone (one reason I like this list ;)
>I'd actually have liked someone to ask me questions that might lead me to an interpretation...

I remember reading ahead in our textbook during class because I was bored.
Only I can't remember now how that worked.  We must have been reading out
loud or something.  One of my better memories is doing a class reading of
Tennessee Williams' _The Glass Menagerie_, only now I can't remember which
part I read.  But it was fun.  (That was from my best English teacher, the
one who taught me to control my run-on sentences.)
>>(Looking back, I'm almost embarrassed at how utterly arrogant I was in
>I don't always think it's arrogance - in my case, it was not treating teachers as someone to look
>up to, but as someone to talk to about interesting things (still, most people in my class thought 
>I was sucking up).

I was arrogant in the sense that I was hopelessly stuck up about being so
much smarter than my teachers.  Treating my teachers as more or less equals
wasn't a problem; it was looking down on the stupid ones.  My poor sophomore
English teacher--she was this very petite woman with a very high-pitched
voice, and I don't think she'd been teaching very long.  We had _The Count
of Monte Cristo_ that year, and I read about half of it the first
night--geez, it's an ADVENTURE NOVEL, it was just too good to put down.
Only I made the mistake of mentioning it and she was totally floored.
Wanted me to write a reading guide for the class or something (this is not a
good thing in high school).  I was not very nice to her.  So mainly I feel
guilty for being rude in general...I do wonder if I missed learning anything
from her because of my attitude.  Probably not.  :)

Melissa Proffitt
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