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Wed Jan 5 18:11:03 EST 2000

Elise wrote:
" Mainly my school experience was along these lines - memorization and
parroting back."

Urgh--my heartfelt sympathies.  And here was I, thinking this sort of
thing never happened except behind the Iron Curtain.  (Though despite
the "durance vile" of my early school days, I am to this day,
oddly enough, happy to memorize pretty much anything non-mathematical, as
long as I can justify to myself that for practical reasons it is
altogether useless. :) 

And may I say how heartily I agree with your estimation of Angel's general
character and deserts?  What a self-righteous, horse-blinker-wearing,
pharisaical nincompoop that young man is.  Though, endowed with parents
who christened him Angel and his brother Cuthbert [or something else
along these lines], the nincompoop might have some slender claim to
extenuating circumstances.



P.S.  My heartiest congratulations, Gili, on the appearance of your

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