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>Translation of titles is always interesting.  I've often wondered why a
>straight translation doesn't seem to be very popular.  I noticed it mostly
>with Movies ("Ferris Macht Blau" being the worst example I can think of for
>a stupid movie title translation)

Hebrew is the worst, but movies seem to suffer more than books. The Hebrew 
movie titles sometimes make me wonder if they simple pick words out of a hat 
at random, one noun and one adjective, out of the following list:

fatal             chase
doomed            affair
urgent            desire
lethal            mission
passionate        attraction
deadly            love
heated            tears
impossible        passion
dangerous         weapon

Come to think of it, maybe that's how titles are made up in the U.S., too. I 
see at least three real titles that can be assembled in this way.

On a seperate note, my Harry Potter translation is finally in stores - such 
a thrill to see my name in print in a book, even if I'm only the translator! 
How I wish I had it in me to write my own book... I know I have the skills, 
it's the inspiration I lack!

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