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Irina Rempt ira at rempt.xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 4 11:13:23 EST 2000

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Britta Koch wrote:

> On  3 Jan, Jacob Proffitt wrote:
> > Osnabrueck sounds familiar.  Where is that?  I spent two years in Germany,
> > but was mainly in the north (farthest south I got was Goettingen).
> It's in the North-West, near Muenster and the Dutch border...

I remember it mainly because we had to wait there for a connecting
train for *four hours* when I was about nine, and I put my last 20
Pfennig in a slot machine and an awful lot of money rolled out - I
spent it all on lemonade and cakes for myself and coffee and cakes
for my parents :-)

> The good thing is that most translated books somewhere say the original
> title.

Same thing with Dutch translations - they tend to be awful (and
nearly put me off DWJ, the translations of _Cart and Cwidder_ and
_The Spellcoats_ are just plain awful and that of _Eight Days of
Luke_ is quite extraordinarily awful, I'm glad nobody ever did any
others. I've waited for years to give my god-daughter _Cart and
Cwidder_ for her birthday but now (2nd March) is my chance, she's
going to be fifteen and can read English.

> The overall
> worst tarnslation I kown of is "Hello Mr. God, this is Anna" - they
> even left bits out! It's not as lively and loses a bit of its magic,
> too, IMHO.

Dutch translators seem to leave all the bits out that are specific
for the country that the book is set in - as if kids don't read those
books especially for those bits. Even my own six-year-old, who is
currently reading "an Italian book" (set in Venice) and loves the


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