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The Seeker's Mask is by no means the end of the series; from the way
she spoke when I met her, P.C. Hodgell has plans for several more
books.  She had been working on a book to follow The Seeker's Mask
when I spoke to her (I can't remember if she'd finished the next book
at that point or not).

She did take time off to finish her degree, and her writing was slowed
for a while by personal troubles.  She has also been having a terrible
time getting anyone to publish her work, astounding and unbelievable
as that seems to her fans.  Her work does not fit well into a
traditional category, and it is complex and deep, and publishers have
been uniformly baffled by it.  They seem to think that she's writing
to a nonexistent audience.

In any case, I am going to try to get in contact with her again to see
what's up- when I spoke to her (almost a year and a half ago!  My
gosh...) there were plans for a major publishing house to reprint God
Stalk and Dark of the Moon together as one paperback volume and The
Seeker's Mask as a second- I suspect this is the publishing referred
to in the quoted text below as happening Real Soon Now(tm).  However,
there may be hope, because when I spoke to her, the plans were
definate enough that the publisher had told her that she would be
allowed to do the cover paintings for the books herself!  She was
utterly thrilled. :) She is artistically inclined as well as being an
excellent writer- I think (spotty memory) she told me that she was the
one who drew the maps of Rathillien in the hardcover editions.

In any case, any information that I acquire I will pass on to the
list. :)


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>On Sun, 2 Jan 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
>(big snip)
>> I got _Seeker's Mask_ for my birthday two years ago, I think it was, and at
>> the time Hypatia had been having problems staying afloat which I don't think
>> were ever resolved.  Right now Meisha Merlin is supposed to be reprinting
>> all of Hodgell's Kencyrath books, but that's been happening Real Soon Now
>> for at least a year.  P.C. Hodgell took a break to finish her doctoral
>> degree and write some unrelated book; she may or may not be working on the
>> fourth book, but I'm hoping she is because the third was obviously not an
>> ending to the series.
>P.C. Hodgell received her PhD in 1987. The reason I know this is that I
>work in the graduate office of the English department where she took the
>degree!  It was before my time, I hasted to add.  So I don't know where
>her PhD-finishing fit in with the publication dates of her books. One of
>my good friends was a contemporary of Pat Hodgell in grad school and
>remains her friend.  I'll see if I can get any more information about
>what is going on ins P.C. Hodgell's writing life at the moment.
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