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> I got _Seeker's Mask_ for my birthday two years ago, I think it was, and at
> the time Hypatia had been having problems staying afloat which I don't think
> were ever resolved.  Right now Meisha Merlin is supposed to be reprinting
> all of Hodgell's Kencyrath books, but that's been happening Real Soon Now
> for at least a year.  P.C. Hodgell took a break to finish her doctoral
> degree and write some unrelated book; she may or may not be working on the
> fourth book, but I'm hoping she is because the third was obviously not an
> ending to the series.

P.C. Hodgell received her PhD in 1987. The reason I know this is that I
work in the graduate office of the English department where she took the
degree!  It was before my time, I hasted to add.  So I don't know where
her PhD-finishing fit in with the publication dates of her books. One of
my good friends was a contemporary of Pat Hodgell in grad school and
remains her friend.  I'll see if I can get any more information about
what is going on ins P.C. Hodgell's writing life at the moment.


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