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Mon Jan 3 04:42:50 EST 2000

Hi everyone!

I came upon this list more by accident - having ordered "Fire and
Hemlock", and somehow thinking it was the second part of a series, I
looked for DWJ pages to verify that, and found the one with this list...
read DWJ's bio, a few mails, and liked it a lot...

So, I just thought I'd introduce myself.
I'm a 23 year old German geekgirl. I've been studying Computational
Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence in Osnabrueck for 2 years. I
like fiddling around with my Linux computer, playing Lego Mindstorms
and reading English books - mostly fantasy and SciFi, but also classics
and children's books. I would love to do roleplaying (Vampire: The
Masqueradeor AD&D), but I haven't got the time...

I read my first DWJ book when I was 8 or so - my sister had gotten it
out of the library, and I was supposed to be too young for it, but I
read it anyway! It was called "The Secret of the Ring" or something
(that was still in German...). I liked it, and my sister got a few
other DWJ books from the library, and I read them - most notably "Fire
and Hemlock", which I liked so much, I kept badgering her for the
English title and after a few years finally ordered it... I prefer
reading books in their original language, so now I'm rereading a few of
the other children's books which influenced me (Anyone here know the
"Alanna" series by Tamora Pierce? Loved them!).

My boyfriend says I'm addicted to letters, and with I can get
English books quite cheaply - my library has grown a lot recently... My
mom reads a lot of children's books, and if they review books in the
paper, I'll read everything on children's books. 

I'm on another mailing list, called "Linuxchix" - for people, mostly
women, who are interested in Linux, and I'm looking forward to seeing
the difference between these lists. I've already noticed one: my list
of books to read has grown by being on this list: read everything by
DWJ and try P. C. Hodgell... ;)

I'm not sure which books by DWJ I have already read - it's difficult to
find out by German titles, and somehow I tend to mix up the books I've
read... so I'll be careful and suppose that I'm the one who has read
the least DWJ books on this list! (But I did read "Tess" ;)

So, hope this lengthy intro has not put me into all of your killfiles ;)

Have a good 2000!


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