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On Tue, 28 Dec 1999 16:41:30 -0500, McMullin, Elise wrote:

>> P C Hodgell - Sarah
>Oh yeah, loved her stuff.  I forget whether the third book ever came out
>though.  I stayed away after a while because every time I checked for it or
>re-read them and *wanted* the third book it never never never came out.
>Couldn't take the frustration.  Loved that house of the worlds winding down
>into the dark - was that great or what!

This is also from Elise's comments but I didn't feel like changing the
subject line.  Deal with it.  :)

P.C. Hodgell did indeed write the third book.  It is currently only
available from Hypatia Press, a small publisher located in Oregon (which is
where Hodgell lives, or at least where she lived two years ago).  Hypatia
does incredible work on limited edition printings; they've done books by
Charles de Lint, R.A. MacAvoy, Orson Scott Card, and many others.  Most of
what they publish is reprinted work and chapbooks; I can't think of any
titles other than _Seeker's Mask_ (the Hodgell book) that's exclusive to
them.  _Seeker's Mask_ came out in two editions:  a leatherbound, gilt-edged
one selling for $75, and a $35 edition that is still the most magnificent
book in my collection--tipped-in illustrations, and so tightly bound you're
sure you're going to crack the spine just opening the thing.  It also gets
my vote for Book Least Likely To Be Found in a Used Book Store.  I got my
copy through a long series of fortunate events, summed up as follows:

1. I have the greatest husband in the world.
2. Some guy exchanged his $35 copy for the more expensive leatherbound one
and thus there was exactly one copy available from the last print run they
3. I lived in Vancouver, Washington, and could drive to Eugene to pick up my

I got _Seeker's Mask_ for my birthday two years ago, I think it was, and at
the time Hypatia had been having problems staying afloat which I don't think
were ever resolved.  Right now Meisha Merlin is supposed to be reprinting
all of Hodgell's Kencyrath books, but that's been happening Real Soon Now
for at least a year.  P.C. Hodgell took a break to finish her doctoral
degree and write some unrelated book; she may or may not be working on the
fourth book, but I'm hoping she is because the third was obviously not an
ending to the series.

What I like best about these books is that each one has a different feel to
it.  _God Stalk_ is dark and eerie and weird and streetwise; _Dark of the
Moon_ is slightly more cerebral, deals with more highborn people and more
politicized conflict; _Seeker's Mask_ starts to delve into the mythos of the
world Rathillien and how the native gods feel about the Kencyrath bringing
their alien conflict there, and the magic takes a naturalistic turn.  But
each one is equally good in the same ways: the same great imagery, the same
dark feeling.  I really like them.

Another long post.  I'm avoiding something.  It's probably housework or
feeding children or something.  We cleaned our ENTIRE house last week for a
New Year's Eve party that was a lot of fun--and of course the side benefit
is that the house is now clean!  (I'm finally not sick with pregnancy
anymore, but the house got incredibly filthy during the weeks that I was.
It was so bad that even after everyone had gone home and there was all the
party detritus left, the house *still* looked cleaner than it had Friday
morning.  Jacob cleaned both bathrooms and I shoveled paperwork off all the
horizontal surfaces.  We were almost too tired to enjoy the party.)

Happy New Year everybody!  On a related note (and then I swear I'll sign
off) I had to run to the grocery store for some last-minute party things on
Friday morning and it was a ZOO.  There were people pushing two or three big
shopping carts overflowing with food items and all the staples like
long-grain rice were practically gone.  I suppose these people spent New
Year's Day scratching their heads and saying "where am I going to put all
this stuff NOW?"

Melissa Proffitt
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