Griffins - and a delurking

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Mon Feb 28 17:26:29 EST 2000

Hello Anna, and many thanks for the recommendation; even just the title
makes me want to read the griffin book (if I find it, my friend'll have to
race me for it :).

>  "I am currently struggling with finishing my PhD, which is
> an edition of an Early Modern Irish tale - obscure and useless, just like
> my degree before that. (That was Celtic Studies, though it would have been
> better named Celtic Philology - it was mostly Celtic languages ie.Welsh,
> Irish, Breton and Scottish Gaelic, historical linguistics and early
> literature in the original. As I said, obscure and useless, but fun and
> fascinating)"

Sounds quite delicious.  As to usefulness of such projects, I have just
found the perfect quote (which I save for the next person who asks in that
annoyingly pitying voice why I would want to study Old English):

"But what manner of use would it be ploughing through that blackness?"
asked Drinian.
"Use?" replied Reepicheep.  "Use, Captain?  If by use you mean filling our
bellies or our purses, I confess it will be no use at all.  So far as I
know we did not set sail to look for things useful but to seek honour and
adventures.  And here is as great an adventure as ever I heard of, and
here, if we turn back, no little impeachment of all our honours."

		- from C. S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


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