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Sun Feb 27 16:14:08 EST 2000

>> I do suddenly remember another children's book with a griffin in it. A fairly
>> light, but not too flimsy story. Can't recall title or author though. It was
>> the standard treasure hunt with magicial creature guide story, IIRC, it took
>> place in Brighton and there were two children involved (boy and girl) the
>> griffin was about the size of a large dog, and masqueraded as one. The
>> treasure that they eventually turned up was a set of china which had been
>> commissioned for the Brighton Pavilion.
>That is exactly the book I was trying to remember in my rather cryptic earlier
>message.  For some reason, the name of Elizabeth Beresford is still connected
>with it in my mind.

Yes, that's _Strange Magic_ by E. Beresford.

What originally started as a quick walk down to the village for food for
lunch (cheese, of course!), turned into a quick walk, the purchase of the
cheese, a visit to the bookshop, the purchase of two (second-hand) books,
and a quick visit to the library.  There, the name Beresford escaped me,
but the book happened to be on display on top of the shelf, with a very
noticable (if rather ugly) picture of a griffin on the front.  Isn't
serendipity a wonderful thing?

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