Griffins - and a delurking

Anna Skarzynska the_ania at
Sun Feb 27 14:30:48 EST 2000

"The Last Griffin" by Mildred Davidson, Macdonald & Co., London 1974
I acquired a copy in the local library sale here in Wales, only 20 pence! 
It's quite excellent.
Time for a delurk, at last. I have been lurking for a while now, but 
resolved to reread some DWJ before joining in, so that I can make 
intelligent and informed contributions to the list. (I've just restarted 
Fire and Hemlock)
I am originally from Poland but have lived in the UK for 18 years now - half 
my life, no less. I am currently struggling with finishing my PhD, which is 
an edition of an Early Modern Irish tale - obscure and useless, just like my 
degree before that. (That was Celtic Studies, though it would have been 
better named Celtic Philology - it was mostly Celtic languages ie. Welsh, 
Irish, Breton and Scottish Gaelic, historical linguistics and early 
literature in the original. As I said, obscure and useless, but fun and 
Hallie wrote a while ago that her father translated the early Irish poem 
"Mise Pangur Ban..." Any chance of a copy? Would be most interested and 
I an a fan of DWJ thanks to Amanda, who also pointed me at this list (hello, 
Gemini!). I read and collect childrens' books - Susan, Cooper, Ll. 
Alexander, Joan Aitken, Penelope Lively, Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking 
was my childhood heroine, along with Anne of Green Gables. I still dye my 
hair red)- the usual favourites, plus of course the rather excellent Harry 
Potter books. I am also rather partial to the Vertigo imprint - Sandman 
etc., and definitely Preacher.
I am surprised that no-one mentioned Storm Constantine as a favourite author 
- her Wraeththu series was original and gripping, though her later offerings 
were not quite so wonderful.
One of my favourite books of all time must be The Name of the Rose. And 
anything by Angela Carter, starting with The Bloody Chamber and The Magic 
Toyshop. And... no, I must resist!
Greetings to all until next time,

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