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Sun Feb 27 10:32:01 EST 2000

Becca wrote:

>  "Busy old fool, unruly Sun"...etc.
>  I remembered that Howl said, at some time or other in HMC, "busy old fool,
>  unruly Sophie." And I don't think anyone mentioned this when talking about
>  the John Donne poem in the book (or else I wasn't paying attention.) So
>  there you are.

Great catch, Becca!

Okay, here's a challenge for everybody.  In Archer's Goon, Howard asks 
Hathaway if he can bury money in the past for Howard to find in the future.  
Howard remembered reading a similar trick in a book.  For 2 points (or 
whatever) what book was that? 

>  Mummy Dearest has just finished reading The Grand Sophy to me. I thought it
>  was wonderful wonderful wonderful! I also thought what a brilliant movie it
>  would make, maybe because there isn't very much of characters' reflection.
>  Lots of action and reactions and dialogue. I think we should all get
>  together and stalk someone like James Cameron until he agrees to have it
>  made into a movie and then take all the good parts for ourselves. (I bags
>  Miss Wraxton! She's MINE!) Mwa ha ha ha!

I also love The Grand Sophy.  I don't even mind Goldhanger or whatever his 
name was, even though I've been seriously affected by anti-Semitism (my dad 
is a survivor).
I want to be Sancia.  I'm just a tiny bit older than her, okay, I'm 39, but 
am told I look young for my age, and am very naturally indolent.

It is a constant amusement/bemusement to me that DWJ fans also like GH. 

Be well, all you readers...

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