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>  For that
>  > matter, what is a "bap"?
>  A roundish soft white bread roll. (At least that's what the baker
>  called those when I was living in Salisbury, Wiltshire, in the late
>  nineteen-seventies). 
Ah, it pays to read the old authors.  In one of her Alan mysteries (The 
Singing Sands, maybe?) Josephine Tey has a long discussion about how a proper 
bap has a nice solid, chewy consistency-- like a proper bagel, I'd say-- 
where you sink your teeth in and there's a serious contest as to  which will 
win, the teeth or the bap--but then you have a really good mouthful to work 
on!  So apparently she felt baps shouldn't be soft, and that modern 
degeneracy was producing baps with no bop!  Like Lenders' frozen pseudobagels.

Devra, who is reading about 6 dwj digests one after another, and serioulsy 
thinking she needs a cheese danish snack RIGHT now.

Devra Langsam
devra at aol.com
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