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In regard to "Dreadful Things to Say To Authors" -- in her book, Dear Mr. 
Henshaw, Beverly Cleary has a young boy write to an author with (oh dreadful 
idea!) a list of questions the teacher has set.

The author cleverly turns the tables by (after sending some extremely 
fasceitious answers) sending the boy a list of questions to answer!  

This is pretty funny reading, especially when I think of all the kids who've 
come to my library with similar assignments.

Beverley Cleary is a pretty amazing author, anyway; her books are so simple 
and clear, you don't notice how well she writes.  In addition, she is a 
zillion years old (having published one of her books five years before I was 
born) and just putting out a new "Ramona" book last year.

Of course, among older people there's also Eloise Jarvis McGraw, who did some 
great historicals in my childhood, and just recently had a new title, Moorchil
d (changeling story, of course.)

The Year of the Griffin, by the way, is listed in the Spring Children's issue 
of Publisher's Weekly as a fall book, a sequel to Dark Lord.  (pant slaver 


Devra Langsam
devra at aol.com
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