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In message <20000226005456.6753.qmail at www0l.netaddress.usa.net>, Sarah Imholt w
>>"Kylie Preisig" <ha9prek at my-deja.com> wrote:
>>Both titles were listed (I thought they were the same?), and they are
>>supposed to be coming out on the 1st and 2nd of may.
>I think they are the same--Worlds...was the provisional title.
>>The stories in the anthology were listed.  They are:
>>"Warlock at the Wheel", "The Sage of Theare", "Carol Oneir's Hundredth
>>Dream" and "Stealer of Souls". 
>Oooh, Stealer of Souls!  That sounds good!  Is the Carol story that one about
>the girl who is sick in bed?  And the little people come alive? 
>No-wait--Carol is the famous stuck-up girl who sells dreams or something,
>right?  Then what is the story about the ill girl called?  I swear it is DWJ. 

The story about the little girl who's sick in bed is Enna Hittims, at
least according to my copy of Believing is Seeing (taken out of its box,
where it still was from the moving, for the purpose of writing this very
email :).

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