Ramblings By Becca

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Fri Feb 25 21:29:38 EST 2000

> Miss Beccles?  No, that's too mean.  Sally should play Sancia de
Vilhacan~as, of
> course.
> > Becca, running and hiding...
> Wait for me!
> Philip.

Come bacccckkkkk! I want to have this out right now!
Does this mean I make (a) a good put-upon spinster governess
or (b) a good sleepy mistress?

Actually, I can manage the sleepy bit, and I was a spinster once (by which
I mean I spun wool for a hobby).  

But then, if I had to be Sanchia I'd have to put up with what's-his-face,
the one she went off with in the end. And hey - have we cast the monkey and
the little dog yet?


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