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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Feb 25 11:38:36 EST 2000

Dear Mrs. Odgers,
(I am quite sure you are not a plain "Mrs.", but I am afraid I don't know
your title, so will have to use this).   I fear my daughter replied to your
kind letter with a most lamentable levity, and indeed, an unbecoming
impertinence.  I am ashamed that any child of *mine* should reject a kind
suggestion offered her by an elder (and doubtless, better).  Unfortunately,
our own governess has shown a regrettable laxness in dealing with her,
quite fatal, I assure you!  So difficult to get good servants these days,
don't you find?  However, like the estimable Miss Wraxton, I know my
Christian duty, and will take steps to curb my daughter's wilfulness
immediately.  I can only hope that you will find it in your heart to
forgive my child.  (To think that she should have suggested that you should
play a part, like a common actress, my dear!  And what a part - a
governess!  I am quite overcome.)

Ever your devoted Hallie

>WHAT???? One of THEM? They get nothing to do! Even if I was to play
>Amabell, I could only lie in a bed and look sick. No, I've quite made up my
>mind to play Ms W. Thank you for your...concern. :)
>Sally, who are you going to play, now that I've stolen Ms. W away? How
>about the governess, Miss something-or-other?

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