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Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at> writes
>>(Totoro and Kiki are available on US video. Cagliostro, Laputa/Castle
>>and Mononoke should all follow soon.)
>>There's a recent book on Miyazaki, available in America, called Hayao
>>Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation.
>Any ideas on what would be available in Ireland?  All right, stupid
>question, I admit.  We were interested enough in this rumour/news to go to
>the bigger and not so local video store, with no success, and even checked
>the huge HMV in town for any anime, again with no success.  I'm reluctant
>enough to buy a video without checking it out first, but would like to see
>the cover of a Miyazaki at the very least.

Sad to say, I think the only video likely to be available in Ireland is
Miyazaki's first movie, Castle of Cagliostro (aka Lupin III: Castle of
Cagliostro). It was released on the 'Manga Video' label sometime back.
However, if you have an NTSC-compatible video - check your manual if
you're not sure - it's easy to order Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service
from . If you want to see pics from Miyazaki films, just go
to .

On Cagliostro. Quality-wise... well, I think it's a lot of fun, despite
an indifferent, Americanised dub and dated character animation (it's 20
years old). The background settings are lovely, and the story is an
excellent caper involving a fairytale princess and much madcap action.
It's certainly far better plotted than most anime. The humour is
'cartoony' at times, although not as much as the badly-chosen video
cover pic suggests. The stills on the back are more representative.

One complication: Unlike all Miyazaki's other films, this uses a group
of protagonists created by other hands. Lupin, a globetrotting
'gentleman-thief,' was already a star of manga strips and TV when the
film was made. However, it's very easy to pick up who the characters
are. There are other, non-Miyazaki, Lupin adventures available on video;
quality varies widely. Cagliostro is the best I've seen.

Conclusion: Cagliostro is often excluded from the Miyazaki 'canon,' and
I certainly don't think it's his best film. Nonetheless, I think it's
one of the best anime films available over here.

Very last note: Some video rental and second-hand stores stock 'Warriors
of the Wind,' an animated science-fiction adventure on a far-future
Earth. This is a heavily kiddified, abridged version of Miyazaki's 1984
film Nausicaa. Some fans won't touch this with a bargepole. I think it's
worth a look - some of the vision still shines through - but don't
mistake it for the 'real' Nausicaa.
>And another stupid question:  how do you pronounce anime?  An-i-may?
>An-i-mee?  Surely not a-neem?

I _think_ it's an-i-may.
>Welcome to the list, Andrew.

You're too kind!
andrew osmond
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