Re anime rumour

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Feb 25 05:16:44 EST 2000

>(Totoro and Kiki are available on US video. Cagliostro, Laputa/Castle
>and Mononoke should all follow soon.)

>There's a recent book on Miyazaki, available in America, called Hayao
>Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation.

Any ideas on what would be available in Ireland?  All right, stupid
question, I admit.  We were interested enough in this rumour/news to go to
the bigger and not so local video store, with no success, and even checked
the huge HMV in town for any anime, again with no success.  I'm reluctant
enough to buy a video without checking it out first, but would like to see
the cover of a Miyazaki at the very least.

And another stupid question:  how do you pronounce anime?  An-i-may?
An-i-mee?  Surely not a-neem?

Welcome to the list, Andrew.

hallieod at

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