Ramblings By Becca

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Feb 24 14:09:43 EST 2000

Sally wrote:
>no, no, you can't be Miss Wraxton. You'd have to be one of Charles's little
>sisters... (ducking for cover).

WHAT???? One of THEM? They get nothing to do! Even if I was to play
Amabell, I could only lie in a bed and look sick. No, I've quite made up my
mind to play Ms W. Thank you for your...concern. :)

 Did you like the scene where Sophie
>bamboozles the money-lender? It's not politically correct but of course

Oh yes! It was perfect. Couldn't have been better. I kept saying..."Hah! Go
Sophy!" and interrupting my Mummy Dearest. That's one of the scenes I think
would look terrific on screen.

And then Phillip, replying to Sally:

>No, no, Sally.  You have no right to make that sort of decision.  Besides, I'm
>likely to be Lord Bromford, and I think I ought to have some say over who plays
>the girl I end up with... (Well, perhaps not)

Thanks, Phillip! I think you'll make a wonderful Bromford. (Is that a
compliment or not? I'll leave it to you to decide.)

Sally, who are you going to play, now that I've stolen Ms. W away? How
about the governess, Miss something-or-other?

Becca, running and hiding...

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