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<< Or maybe you'd like "Admir'd Venetia" - >>

It's actually just called "Venetia" and does have an undramatic (but 
entertaining) plot, but the purest distilation of several of Heyer's 
character types.

"Frederica" has one of the best ensemble of "family" characters and about the 
best balance between hero and heroine's viewpoints. It has just been 
reprinted here in the U.S.  so may be findable at present.

I'll have to beg off from the Sophie Stanton-Lacey fan club. It is a fun 
book, and she's a good example of a type which was popular when the book came 
out. But it isn't a type I admire, much as I can recognize the necessity for 
it's development viv-a-vis the social viewpoints of the time--which I 
deplore. Too much of a manipulator to my point of view, and not part of the 
solution, in that her triumphs tend to underscore the social contract that a 
(clever) woman can "win" only if she can be observed to cheat.

But that was in another country, and besides the wench is dead. Oh temporary! 
Oh mores!...
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