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Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Thu Feb 24 08:20:46 EST 2000

> I remembered that Howl said, at some time or other in HMC, "busy old
> unruly Sophie." 

How clever of you to recognise that, Becca. I didn't. I think you and my
sister would get along. She loves to find the origins of quotes.

> Mummy Dearest has just finished reading The Grand Sophy to me. I thought 

no, no, you can't be Miss Wraxton. You'd have to be one of Charles's little
sisters... (ducking for cover). Did you like the scene where Sophie
bamboozles the money-lender? It's not politically correct but of course
Georgette Heyer was writing many years ago when attitudes were different.
Besides, it's not the race of the money-lender which is in question for me,
it's his nature, and he *deserved* to be Sophy'd. Ask your mum to read you
THE UNKNOWN AJAX sometime. That one has another lovely bamboozling scene.
Or maybe you'd like "Admir'd Venetia" - the plot's a bit slight but there
are quotes falling like brightness from the air... and if you can tell me
where *that* misquotation comes from, I'll send you one of my books as a


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