Ramblings By Becca

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Feb 24 07:00:05 EST 2000

I haven't written to the list in ages, so Hi! It's Becca again!

I was reading a book of poems this morning (a book called Poem For the Day
edited by Nicholas Albery, which has a poem to learn off by heart for every
single day of the year and is very well worth getting) when I came across a
poem called The Sun Rising, by John Donne. I don't actually read some of
the poems, I read the first line and decide if I want to continue or not.
The first line went thusly:

"Busy old fool, unruly Sun"...etc.

I remembered that Howl said, at some time or other in HMC, "busy old fool,
unruly Sophie." And I don't think anyone mentioned this when talking about
the John Donne poem in the book (or else I wasn't paying attention.) So
there you are.

Mummy Dearest has just finished reading The Grand Sophy to me. I thought it
was wonderful wonderful wonderful! I also thought what a brilliant movie it
would make, maybe because there isn't very much of characters' reflection.
Lots of action and reactions and dialogue. I think we should all get
together and stalk someone like James Cameron until he agrees to have it
made into a movie and then take all the good parts for ourselves. (I bags
Miss Wraxton! She's MINE!) Mwa ha ha ha!

Ahem. Bye now.

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