Golden Witchbreed

Britta Koch bkoch at
Thu Feb 24 07:57:16 EST 2000

>> I haven't read the book, but Hexenmeister would be something like a male
>witch(as opposed
>> to Zauberer = sorceror). Is there another word for "male witch" in English? If
>not, maybe the
>> author chose Hexenmeister because it might convey the picture of a male witch
>better than "male witch"...
>Male witch?  You mean Hexenmeister = master of witchcraft?

Yes, thats sounds good. Anyway, I haven't been thinking, and there is a male form
of witch(Hexe): Hexer - but it doesn't sound as good as Hexenmeister...

Anyway, I think male witches are odd - maybe I've read too much "Equal rites",
or Grimm's fairy tales (and too little dwj recently - still waiting for my order!),
but even though it may sound sexist, I always felt that witchcraft is a female thing- 
may have something to do with the moon and menstruation and so on...

>Anyway, we are usually taught that Warlock is the male equivalent of Witch,
>rather than the more obvious Wizard.

So that is what warlock means? I always pictured a sort of warrior-mage (because of the "war") ;)

Britta, who has learnt something new today

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