Golden Witchbreed

Britta Koch bkoch at
Thu Feb 24 03:11:31 EST 2000

>The other thing I find offputting, since you mention it, is the use of the title
>Hexenmeister.  Why this isolated German word?  (= master of witches)  Is it
>supposed to be a native word - in which case why choose a German word so close
>in meaning? - or a translation - in which case why German, of all languages?  It
>sticks out like a sore thumb...  The only thing I can think of is that she may
>be using a different Earth language as a way of showing that it is a different
>Orthean language.  In which case, I see what she means - I just don't happen to
>like it.

OK, we're back to translations  again ;)

I haven't read the book, but Hexenmeister would be something like a male witch(as opposed
to Zauberer = sorceror). Is there another word for "male witch" in English? If not, maybe the 
author chose Hexenmeister because it might convey the picture of a male witch better than "male witch"...

Britta, who's adding this book to her to-read list...

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