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In message <8025688E.003C3948.00 at>, Philip.Belben at p writes:
>Paul, responding to Alexandra:
>>> Question:  could anybody recommend me books about griffins that are
>>> not by Mercedes Lackey?  I've just got a friend of mine hooked on
>>> dwj (through Dark Lord of Derkholm, mwa ha ha), and she is also very
>>> eager to read more books involving griffins.
>> Um... thingy. Book by Tamora Pierce. On the tip of my tongue. "Wild
>> Magic"?
>That sounds almost, but not quite, what I was going to say.  Two titles spring
>to mind:  "The Trouble with Magic" and "Awkward Magic"  One of them is by
>Elizabeth Beresford.  One of them (but not necessarily the same one) has a
>griffin as a major character.  I think.

I'm nearly certain that The Trouble with Magic was an Edward Eager book,
and contained only children, no griffins.  Someone correct me if I'm on
crack. :)

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