Big rumour: anime Howl's Moving Castle

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at
Wed Feb 23 10:08:06 EST 2000

Sally said:
> The problem is with me, I freely admit. Unfortunately, I've never met a
> cartoon I liked "for me", though I know of other people who enjoy them. 
Not even Bugs Bunny?   ;D

I'm so excited about this HMC news.  Are Howl and Sophie going to have big
Speed Racer eyes?  I will have to rent some Miyazaki to look at his style.
Think what fun it would be to draw Calcifer and the castle.

 JOdel speculated that it might be the Gaiman connection - is Miyazaki the
illustrator of that fox wife fable Gaiman has come out with?  I liked those
illustrations a lot.  I admit - I flipped through looking at the pictures in
the store  

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