Big rumour: anime Howl's Moving Castle

Denise DeGraf amergin at
Tue Feb 22 21:34:07 EST 2000

At 05:01 pm 2/22/00, Sally Odgers hammered into the ethereal keyboard:
> > please check it out, and don't just write it off as "cartoons".
>The problem is with me, I freely admit. Unfortunately, I've never met a
>cartoon I liked "for me", though I know of other people who enjoy them. As
>I said, the problem is with *me*. I don't like puppets either...

Delurking briefly to agree with Sally here...  Even though I've been 
exposed heavily to the "good" Anime via my amazingly picky boyfriend, I 
still don't like animated shows very much beyond their specific niche.  I 
would primarily be afraid of an adapted version having an altered ending, 
or a lack of the subtlety that I love so much in DWJ's work.  Having 
watched both the subtitled and dubbed versions of "Princess" Mononoke Hime, 
along with everything available for Captain Tylor, Slayers, Ranma, Ruin 
Explorers, Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Ah My Goddess, and several 
other things I can't remember offhand, my feeling is that the storytelling 
style necessary to convey a tale through animation usually can't sustain 
enough subtlety to satisfy me.  I like the shows IF I judge them based on 
their being anime, as opposed to placing them against my own preferred 
reading...  It is just that when judging them based on my own criteria, I 
feel a lot like I am comparing DWJ to Harry Potter; years of being an 
English major and aspiring writer point out a certain lack of subtlety or 
complexity in the Anime I've been shown.  Which is exactly what I fear will 
happen if Miyazaki takes HMCastle and animates it--we'll see a nice story, 
pretty artwork, and the basic tale will be told, but there will be a lack 
of depth beyond what is visually represented...

Incidentally, I've got a bit of a twist on the usual question... Knowing my 
boyfriend's tastes are primarily along the lines of those that I listed 
above,  what book would be a good choice for starting him into DWJ?  I have 
2.5 years behind me of allowing myself to be educated about Anime, so I 
figure a bit of reading won't be too terribly much to ask in return.  <grin>
Okay, back to lurking...

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