Big rumour: anime Howl's Moving Castle

jenwa jhsung at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 22 15:15:23 EST 2000

ohmigod.  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is amazing, if it actually happens.
Miyazaki is absolutely brilliant.  his stuff is whimsical and human and
gorgeous... he is one of the best storytellers to exist today.  if anyone can
do justice to Howl's Moving Castle, he can.  and don't let the fact that it's
animated fool you -- in fact, animation means that the creator has much more
control over the product than live-action would.

now, note that not all japanese animation is good.  in fact, there's alot of
complete crap out there.  but there's alot of really interesting and beautiful
anime -- and it is most emphatically not "just for children"; some of isn't
targeted at children at all.  i would recommend Escaflowne, Neon Genesis
Evangelion, El Hazard, Fushigi Yuugi, Ruouni Kenshin, and Kimagure Orange Road,
with Escaflowne and KOR being my favorite of these.  And, of course, anything
by Miyazaki -- especially take a look at Kiki's Delivery Service; it's a very
sweet tale of a little witch striking out on her own.  Princess Mononoke is
also incredibly wonderful, though more serious than Kiki's or My Neighbor Totoro.

also note that there are a number of different anime styles -- not all are the
"slender, graceful looking people with huge eyes and lots of waving hair" that
Courtney mentioned, though some of them definitely are of that style.  Miyazaki
tends toward a rounder, more realistic style than most of the others i
mentioned, but still quite lovely.

please check it out, and don't just write it off as "cartoons".  Miyazaki,
along with other really good anime, is to American saturday morning cartoons
what Neil Gaiman's Sandman is to old-style superhero comics.

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