In the pipeline at Studio Ghibli.

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This has a bit of detail from someone who sounds 
like he knows DWJ.



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Subject: In the pipeline at Studio Ghibli.
From: Harry Payne <Harry at>
Date: 2000/02/17
I've been waiting over a month to broadcast this, and I've finally been
given the go-ahead.

Hayao Miyazaki is very interested in acquiring the film rights to
"Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones.

For those Otaku who don't know Diana or her work, she's been writing
children's fantasy fiction for around 30 years. She may not have J.K.
Rowling's publicist, but those who've read her books have mentioned -
sometimes loudly - the similarities between them and the much more
recent Harry Potter series.

She's good to know; relentlessly cheerful despite a string of
incompetent surgeons messing around with her spine for the last five
years. Neil Gaiman once famously described her as "The world's sexiest

You can find some information on Diana on
Some of it makes for fascinating reading, and will give you a good
insight into exactly where authors get their ideas.

Diana's been briefed on Miyazaki-Sensei's films (she also got the lot of
them to "review"), and she likes what he does.

This deal is only at the first stage (agent shall speak unto agent), but
if it succeeds, Studio Ghibli will get a book worth adapting, and
Diana's book will get the film treatment it deserves.

Here's hoping.

"The most important thing that Japanese animation should -not- do is to 
categorize the fans as a certain type of people and then make movies only 
for that type.  How can we make films which will gain the acceptance of 
those people who've never seen animation before?"

Hayao Miyazaki

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