Writing to Writers

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Fri Feb 18 21:28:54 EST 2000

I heard somewhere that you're
> supposed to include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope if you expect that
> writer to actually answer you.  From a purely economical point of view it
> makes sense, but it could also appear a little indelicate... so I'm just
> wondering what people did.

I've been in both shoes on this one, Alexandra, and I know exactly how you
This is the way I do it;

If you're just sending a letter saying how much you enjoyed a particular
book, then no envelope. You're sending *them* a gift... the gift of your

If you ask any questions *at all*, then you're asking *them* for a gift and
you should then include the SAE.

If you haven't asked questions but would like a reply, you can send the SAE
and tell them exactly what you told us... you don't want to seem pushy, but
if they have time.... etc.

More points; it's generally better to ask a specific question if asking
questions at all. Ditto, to mention or praise a sepcific book or part of
the book. Generic "where do you get your ideas?" questions and "I just love
your books" comments are a bit deflating. Finally, don't prasie an old book
at the expense of a new title. And don't say you've read all the books from
the library. And don't say you've lent them to all your friends... I think
that's all!

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