where is everybody?

Philip.Belben at pgen.com Philip.Belben at pgen.com
Tue Feb 15 12:57:04 EST 2000

>    Britta asked:
>>   "Did I get kicked off a list (accidentally) again? Or was everybody
>> busy toasting cheese (and eating it)?"
>    Yes!  I was ravenous for grilled cheese after that conversation.

I tried Kylie's toasted cheese and bacon recipe at the weekend.  I then spent a
week in bed with some flu-like virus - I hope there was no connection!  Perhaps
it was because I used Marmite instead of Vegemite (which I can get, but I keep
Marmite in stock as a matter of course)

Just to set Irina's mind at rest, I don't use margarine in such things.  The
bread is grilled and then has cheese placed on it with no intervening lubricant
(except the Marmite).

While I was ill I read "Golden Witchbreed" by Mary Gentle - England's answer to
C J Cherryh?  Not bad, but not in my list of all-time top books or (yet)
authors.  Three things I noticed, none particularly interesting alone, but taken
together there may be significance: (1) the book is set on the planet Orthe.
(2) The edition I was reading has in the front a one-line review by DWJ herself.
(3) This edition was published before DWJ wrote Sudden Wild Magic.  Could the
Pentarchian province of that name be related to this book?

I also read "Witch World" by Andre Norton.  I wouldn't go so far as to call it
Bad, but it was a very mediocre example of "person from our world transported to
a fantasy world" writing.  Are the sequels any better?  If not, please strike
Norton off my list of favourite authors!

Anyway, I am now recovered and back on the net - when I got to work yesterday,
there were 649 e-mails waiting for me...  (I didn't read them all, but I read
all the ones on this list of course)


PS I was half way through Golden Witchbreed on the last night of the fever - the
night Ann felt seemed about 100 years long in Hexwood.  It took some effort to
disentangle what I had read in the book from my fever-dreams...

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