Cultural Unenlightenment

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Feb 11 16:52:28 EST 2000

>Hmmm, says Alexandra whose grasp of modern English-language idiom/cultural
>allusions has always been tenuous.  Who or what is a Celtic Tiger?
Oh no, there is nothing at all tenuous about your grasp of anything!
Despite the excitingly mythical sound, The Celtic Tiger is merely the name
used to describe the (recent) phenomenon of the Irish economy being the
boomingest of the booming.  It is wonderful in many ways, for example,
unemployment used to be dreadfully high, causing huge emigration rates, and
that's way down now.  The rude noise was because many people feel that all
this new wealth is not being handled entirely wisely, or compassionately.
The lack of adequate funding for libraries is just one such area, but
clearly the only remotely topical one!

I did discover DWJ in the library here, and love libraries on principle,
anyway, so hopefully you understand that it is pity and not disgust I'm
expressing towards our library which never has anything I want.

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